happiness doesn’t last

and big things become small

and one door shuts

without another opening at all.


there’s no silver lining

when dark clouds hold sway

and light in the distance

is still too far away.


forgiveness is not given

when “I’m sorry” is spoken

and arms don’t embrace

and hearts just stay broken.


God actually does give you

more than you can bear

and sometimes trite sayings

are nothing but air.


you try hard to accept

that not everything has meaning;

things are just things,

and rhyme has no reason.

Yet sometimes

you just smile anyway,

and take life as it comes,

and breathe in more deeply,

content to live on the crumbs.

©2015 All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. It has been sometime since I last had the pleasure of one of your poems, and I love it. Thank you for getting back in the poet’s chair and showing us your chops. It was also remarkable that you decided on a rhyming poem, that is not your normal poetry MO. Keep on working on your gift.

    Liked by 1 person

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