Guest Blogger: The Doll

The DollToday I’ve got my 11 year-old daughter Becky guest blogging. She wrote a poem (and drew the picture for it) this morning and I told her I’d highlight it on my blog. πŸ™‚

Here I am,

A figure that lies alone.

I can see people

live their lives day after day,

but I cannot experience it

with them.

I sit here, motionless,

my eyes wide open,

staring at the glass,

that will forever surround me.

I have no past,

and I barely

have a future,

sitting here collecting dust.

What am I supposed to be?

A creator, inspirer, or imaginer?

I am none to fit these roles.

So I still sit here


What am I?

I am all the things I have said,

Yet, I am not.

Because as I sit

here in this case,

I remain

a doll.

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