Luck Isn’t a Strategy, but I’ll Still Take It

blog - luckHow do YOU define luck? I don’t consider myself an especially lucky person. Well, at least when it comes to winning things. With the Powerball jackpot climbing well past the $1.5 billion mark, however, luck has been on my mind.

I don’t doubt that there are a lot of you out there right now, dreaming about what you’d do if you won even a piece of this huge jackpot. Doug and I have plans/dreams to, and they include a great mix of things: making films, establishing scholarships, taking trips, ticking lines off our ever-growing list of things that need replacing in the house, taking care of family members, getting the kids’ college funds set, investing, and helping the handful of charities we support in small ways throughout the year (but in much bigger ways!). It’s nice to dream. (And that may be the best thing about the lottery—that it allows so many of us to dream for even a moment.)

The truth is, I don’t win things. Well, let me clarify that. I have won things—a poster contest in 5th grade ($50 prize) and multiple awards and scholarships to college for sports and academics. But I’ve never won anything that wasn’t merit-based; that I didn’t earn in some way. Luck never factors into it.

It’s become a sort of joke with me. I ran or co-ran two large Tricky Tray basket raffles during the time my kids were in elementary school. I stored many of the items in my house long enough that I almost considered them mine. I bought tickets to win some of them the night of the event, but the only time I won anything (an iPod Shuffle that I never used) was when my mom was holding my tickets. Ditto for a beer tasting with mini basket raffle a few years later. Doug and I bought tickets, but we weren’t winning anything until I turned to him and said “Here—you hold the tickets” and handed them to him. I’m not kidding when I tell you that we won the very next basket, as soon as I was no longer touching the tickets.

Do I consider myself unlucky then? Heck, no. I tell people I’m unlucky in lotteries, but lucky in love. (Though we all know it takes more than just luck to keep a marriage going for more than 20 years. <3) I married my best friend and have amazing and healthy kids.

I’m pretty resolved to the fact that I’ll never have the easy life financially; that I’ll be working for many years to come (as will Doug). As much as it would be nice awesome mind-blowing to win even a quarter of tomorrow night’s Powerball drawing, the practical little voice that lives in my head reminds me that luck isn’t a viable life strategy. Saving, planning, focusing on doing more of the things I love—those are all strategies I’m focusing on this year. After all, my word for 2016 is “Dedication.”

So no, I don’t think we’ll win the Powerball, although we do have a ticket. However, I wouldn’t mind being wrong. Just this once, of course.


©2016 Rachel L. MacAulay. All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Luck Isn’t a Strategy, but I’ll Still Take It

  1. Excellent. I love the idea behind the blog and of course I too feel lucky in things that matter; you and our children. Great piece.


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