Ode to a Mattress

IMG_6251Our mattress is going to be taken away tomorrow. I should be looking at it positively–after nearly 21 years, we’re finally getting a new mattress! But the truth is, a little part of me is feeling sentimental. Because I’m the one who wants to jettison at least half of the “things” we own in this house, the fact that I’m getting even a wee bit verklempt at the thought of parting with this old mattress is laughable.

Shopping for the new mattress was likely the most relaxing shopping we’ve ever done: Grab a pillow and try out different beds by lying on them. It was so easy and we were at the store so long that I got a mildly inquisitive text from Becky – “Uh, Mom? When are you coming home?” Never, honey. We’re just going to curl up on these mattresses and nap like cats in the sunbeams… “We’ll be leaving in 5 minutes, honey. Sorry!”

As we debated mattresses and their prices (and I talked Doug out of the base that makes your head and/or feet move up and down), I justified the amount of money we’d be shelling out with the mention that we spend “at least a third of our lives” in bed. After all, three of our favorite things take place in bed–you know, sleeping, reading and watching TV. <ahem>

It’s just a mattress. A really firm, amazingly comfortable mattress. One that I love so much that I’ve snuggled in many a night, closed my eyes, smiled, and said to Doug, “I love this bed.” It means a lot–I typically can’t sleep in hotel rooms and I absolutely can’t sleep on soft beds.

Mommy and James Bottle Feeding 2002It’s just a mattress. But yet, this is the only mattress we’ll ever have that used to fit both of us and our newborn baby boy, recently home from the hospital, being nursed while we fell deeper in love with him.

It’s just a mattress. That held our baby girl napping in her Boppy pillow, while one of our long-departed cats, Georgie, napped with her.Becky and Georgie on bed

It’s just a mattress. Where we used to snuggle as a family, four of us piled together with at least one cat at the foot of the bed, watching cartoons.

It’s just a mattress. That we cuddled on while we read to our children, both of them mesmerized by our words, with one sucking his thumb.

IMG_1524Breakfasts in bed for birthdays and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Kids jumping in to wake us for Christmas morning, because the anticipation just got too much to bear. The occasional tickle fest that would have us all giggling until tears ran down cheeks.

It’s just a mattress. It was getting lumpy and saggy and it’s well past its time. But yet, aren’t we all? We’ve had it for all 21 years of our married life. And that’s a long time for a mattress, and for a marriage.

This time tomorrow, we’ll have a new mattress. I hope it’s there for the next 21 years of our lives. And I look forward to cuddling with grandkids on that one (but not too soon, of course).

2 thoughts on “Ode to a Mattress

  1. So many memories held here. I feel this way every time we talk about moving house because we outgrew this one years ago yet everything that’s ever really mattered happened here. I envy people who travel light, always on the move, never clinging on.
    Here’s to the next 21 years Rachel, may they be full of clutter created by those we hold most dear.

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  2. I always love your work, and I am the lucky one of your audience who get’s to hear you reading it, but this is one of my favorites. It is wonderful how you brought back all those members I took for granted. Those wonderful pictures add a thousand words each. Thank you

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