Not as Revealing as You Think

Whoa SignI attended a neighbor’s party yesterday, along with other women in the neighborhood. It was such as great feeling when a few of them came up to me to talk about my blog and/or congratulate me on the recent news about my poem, “Do Not Tell Me You Know.” I work from home, alone, so they’d never have known, except that I share a lot through social media, and mainly Facebook.

A few people over the last year or two have commented on this perceived over-sharing, and I’ve responded to them truthfully: Don’t worry about me. I think about everything before I post it.

I enjoy sharing thoughts, news, photos, opinions. I keep my FB personal community small, and often put up particular posts for particular people, such as family photos for lurking grandparents. I made sure not to post about our recent trip until we were practically home, I try not to post embarrassing photos, and you’ll never find me posting extremely personal information about other people. As for myself, I’ll fall back on that quintessential Billy Joel quote: “She only reveals what she wants you to see.”

Part of writing is working through truths, and sometimes something in my own life will nag at me to write about it. It can be painful and draining and I’m fraught with anxiety when I share it, feeling as thin-skinned as a soap bubble, but if I choose to share it, I have a reason, and it’s typically one to do mostly with myself. After all, I believe in continued growth throughout life, opening yourself to all that is wondrous, even if it may leave you vulnerable.

So, yes, I share a lot. I’m a relatively open type of person, to a point. You will never really know who I am just through my social media shares or my blog posts. At least not all of me. And that’s intentional.

So don’t worry that I’ll be giving out my family’s Social Security numbers or posting compromising photos of any type. And please don’t stop having conversations with me, because I love them. I really do.

©2016 Rachel L. MacAulay All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Not as Revealing as You Think

  1. I’m like you. .. there’s a lot of stuff I have no problem talking about. Ie: my PTSD, losing a child, having a child with a terminal illness, even the fact that I’m an atheist, which is still a perceived no-no. However, that doesn’t make up all of who I am, and I keep the private stuff private. In part, I think some things I speak up on bc they need spoken about. People need to understand that having a child with a terminal illness is hard, but not impossible. It’s just more important to take lots of pics, give lots of hugs, and laugh as much as possible.


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