And What a Year It’s Been

blog anniversary2Just one year ago, I started this blog. Sure, I was late to the blogging party–so late, in fact, that most bloggers were well into the dessert course, making money off of their legions of followers. But I don’t blog for any potential of pecuniary reward. After years of people asking me why I didn’t blog, I had just finally decided that I had both the time and the inclination to jump onboard. Continue reading

Mommy Has Left the Building: A Walk Down Memory Lane

008This is a riot–I just found the blog that I started (and obviously abandoned) 6 1/2 years ago. You know–when I had no time to write. But I wish I had. Reading about the kids at ages 4/5 and 6/7 now, when they’re a semi-independent 11 and 13, would have been such a welcome walk down Memory Lane…

Continue reading

Writing and Rewriting Our Lives

TBT Israel Negev DesertI’ve been thinking a lot about my life recently. Specifically, experiences I’ve had that, while mainly forgotten, definitely went on to shape my outlook on life, as well as my thoughts and actions in any given situation. As we grow older, I think writers learn that it’s our own lives that contain the biggest treasure trove of ideas. While writing about completely different characters, we can instill some aspect of ourselves, even if it’s just one small experience from a time long, long past and only recently remembered. Continue reading