England Is Calling: Our Trip Ends at Bristol


My room was off the hall with the opening, not where the two sides meet, but to the right of that one.

When I thought about what in Bristol I wanted to show the kids (Doug had visited the city when I was there, so this wouldn’t be his first time), my dormitory was the first thing that came to mind. But what next? There are so many things to see in Bristol–Ashton Court, the zoo, Blaise Hamlet, the docks, the Clifton Suspension Bridge–and I really couldn’t decide what things I could show them that would make them understand why I loved the city. In the end, we opted to do very little. Our friends, Simon and Rachael, were going to meet us there and Doug and I were looking more forward to spending time with them then in packing our last day abroad with a flurry of activity. Continue reading

My Year in Bristol

Bristol Suspension Bridge

Courtesy: visitbristol.co.uk

Before I finish the last post on Bristol in the series of blog posts about the family trip we took to Scotland and England in the summer of 2014, I realize that I really need to write about my year in Bristol first. Or, at least, an overview of it. Because my year in Bristol was so absolutely bursting with experiences that I’d never, ever, be able to describe it in just one blog post. And, while anybody who knows me knows that Bristol remains my heart city to this day, I don’t know that I’ll ever adequately put into words just what that year in Bristol meant to me, and how it shaped me indelibly into the person I am now. Or how my heart yearns for Bristol in a way that makes it race and breaks it, both at the same time. Continue reading