The Day I Couldn’t Protect My Son

hate imageMy teenage son was called a “goddamn Jew” yesterday. The words were just words to the utterer; likely just one of many curses they swore with on a daily basis. But they were more than words to my son, who had never been on the receiving end of hate before. Continue reading

The Struggle to Keep Hope Alive

Hope“J’ai le coeur gros” I wrote on my FB wall yesterday, upon hearing about the acts of terrorism in Paris. I have a heavy heart. It’s startling how every fresh act of terrorism still has the ability to surprise, as if we think that the issues leading to terrorism have solved themselves on their own. But they haven’t, and they never will. Continue reading

To Forgive, Divine…

hate fistI’ll admit that this blog post has been sitting in my draft folder for days now while I tried to figure out both my feelings and my thoughts. So much has been said already, that I likely should just stay on the sidelines and keep my mouth shut. But I’m rarely a sidelines kind of gal if I have something I truly want to say. You’ll find that out about me, if you don’t already know it. Continue reading