To My Daughter, With Love

Becky Blog Photo2You have always given me a run for my money. From the time you could walk, or even crawl, I had to watch you like a hawk. You were the child who, if I put down in one place and turned my back for even one split second, would be gone or at least on your way when I turned back. You are an explorer, always testing life to see how far you can push, and how far you can go. Continue reading


My On-Again, Off-Again Relationship With New York City (or If an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, Why Did I Get So Sick of the Big Apple?)

New York CityAs a child growing up in the Central New Jersey suburbs, I loved visiting New York City. Back then, my mom was usually the one who took us to the city. A cousin on my dad’s side of the family had a dental practice there, and we’d go in for checkups. She also had family in the Bronx, and I remember at least one visit to the zoo. But the trip that I remember the most was the one that made New York City magical to me: A day in Manhattan around Christmastime. Continue reading

The Day the Nation Righted Itself

wedding ringsWhere were you today, when you heard the news that sanity seemed to return, even for one brief, shining moment, to our great nation? Though, undoubtedly, others more qualified than I will write about this moment in all of its earth-shattering, history-making grandiosity, I still want to place a marker in the sand of this grand new day and proudly declare “I will remember this!” May that sand soon harden and become bedrock and not be watered down by anger and protestation, fear and hate-mongering. Continue reading