Unless You Know

Holocaust Shoes

Photo Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Unless you know

what it is to look

at black & white proof

at lambs led to slaughter

at herds of the lost

at ghosts of a people

And know they were yours

And know they are you Continue reading

Ode to a Mattress

IMG_6251Our mattress is going to be taken away tomorrow. I should be looking at it positively–after nearly 21 years, we’re finally getting a new mattress! But the truth is, a little part of me is feeling sentimental. Because I’m the one who wants to jettison at least half of the “things” we own in this house, the fact that I’m getting even a wee bit verklempt at the thought of parting with this old mattress is laughable. Continue reading

The Places I’ve Been: The Things I’ve Said & Heard

Rachel on CamelI’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of the places I’ve been and all of the traveling I’ve done, especially in my younger days. It’s no secret that I miss it–my gypsy soul forever yearns to just take wing on the next earnest gust of wind.

But, you know, that heavy word RESPONSIBILITY weighs me down and keeps me here, where I belong. So instead, I’ve had fun thinking of the most memorable quotes said or heard while traveling over the years (in no particular order): Continue reading

The Rose Jar

I was 11 when I found my mother’s jar of teeth. It hadn’t been lost or even hidden. I’d actually been dusting the container for years, not having the slightest inclination as to the contents within. I couldn’t even say what made that day unlike the rest. Curiosity, of course. But I’d always had that and, more often than not, gotten into trouble because of it. Continue reading

Scotland Is Calling: Dunrobin Castle, Ullapool & the Ferry to the Isle of Lewis

IMG_4746 (2)


I had never heard of Golspie or Dunrobin Castle before I started planning this family trip. I was simply searching for castles that we hadn’t been to before and were intact and interesting for all of us. When I saw Dunrobin Castle online, I knew we simply had to go. It reminded me of the chateaus in the Loire Valley; specifically, Chenonceau, which I had been to. In order to fit a visit to Dunrobin Castle into our plans, I was forced to cancel our two-day stay at the Rua Reidh Lighthouse on the west coast in Wester Ross (a little Game-of-Thronish sounding, right?) and move our trip north. Continue reading