A Shift of Power (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo Fiction August 1In the end, not many men were left. Our world had already been tipped against them, with the inferior gender accounting for less than half of the population. After the invasion, they were fewer than one-tenth.

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Pandora’s Box of Horrors (A horror writing exercise)

The requirements: Write a story of 500 words or less using this list of horrors supplied by individual writers in a Facebook Women’s Writer’s Group. (My word was Alzheimer’s, as you might have guessed).

Laundry, Shh, Spiders, Failure, Assault, Moist, Slice!, Exhole (as in “ass-hole ex”), Freakotomy, Disco, Underground, Procrastination, Stoic, Writing, Parasitic, Boredom, Suffocating, Rats, Bbbbbreathe, Procrastination, Politics, Failure, Monday, Childabuse, Infanticide, If, war, Alzheimer’s, Should’ve, Truth, Shvitz, life, diarrhea, Alone, Mother-in-law, Darkness, Infinite, Traffic, Debt, Disease, Forgetfulness, Blood, Clowns.

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My first bit of Sunday Photo Fiction

Weekly challenge from https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/. It’s supposed to be around 200 words and I edited, but still ran over:

Agnes held Coco in her arms as the vet made her preparations on the counter behind them. Leaning over, she whispered silly endearments to the 15 year-old poodle and hugged her a little tighter. The dog had been Agnes’ grandmother’s beloved companion since it was a puppy, but Gram had died two months before and Agnes had been caring for Coco ever since. Continue reading