Pandora’s Box of Horrors (A horror writing exercise)

The requirements: Write a story of 500 words or less using this list of horrors supplied by individual writers in a Facebook Women’s Writer’s Group. (My word was Alzheimer’s, as you might have guessed).

Laundry, Shh, Spiders, Failure, Assault, Moist, Slice!, Exhole (as in “ass-hole ex”), Freakotomy, Disco, Underground, Procrastination, Stoic, Writing, Parasitic, Boredom, Suffocating, Rats, Bbbbbreathe, Procrastination, Politics, Failure, Monday, Childabuse, Infanticide, If, war, Alzheimer’s, Should’ve, Truth, Shvitz, life, diarrhea, Alone, Mother-in-law, Darkness, Infinite, Traffic, Debt, Disease, Forgetfulness, Blood, Clowns.

No big deal, right? Here’s mine: Continue reading

My first bit of Sunday Photo Fiction

Weekly challenge from It’s supposed to be around 200 words and I edited, but still ran over:

Agnes held Coco in her arms as the vet made her preparations on the counter behind them. Leaning over, she whispered silly endearments to the 15 year-old poodle and hugged her a little tighter. The dog had been Agnes’ grandmother’s beloved companion since it was a puppy, but Gram had died two months before and Agnes had been caring for Coco ever since. Continue reading