Deciphering the Geese (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo Fiction October 4Andy checked his phone one more time. Julie’s text hadn’t changed.

“Meet me @ pk. Usual plc. 11am.”

He was only 25 minutes late. Although he was standing in her favorite place–the brick wall leading to the outbuilding that served hot chocolate in the winter–Julie was nowhere in sight. Continue reading


That January Day (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo Fiction July 12Julian Pratt had caught the third train of the morning, not wanting the press of the first two, which were express to London and full to the doors with the assorted grim-faced men and women who worked these days in the City, moving real and virtual money from here to there and back again.

Julian was in no rush this morning. As a pensioner, he was in no rush most mornings. In fact, it had been nearly two decades since he’d had to rush anywhere. Continue reading