The 10 Things I Learned From My First Writer’s Retreat

writers retreat blog photo2I’ve been a part of a small group of writers on Facebook for more than two years now. This “writing tribe” consists of women in four states and three countries/continents, and includes both published and unpublished authors. We write in different genres and different forms, but we’re linked by our love for the written word and our desire to tell a story, whether of ourselves or a character or idea that has grabbed us and won’t let go.

Because we’re such a small group, we’ve shared more than just writing over the years. I respect and admire each and every one of them, for the lives they’ve had, the lives they live, and the lives they aspire to in the future. More than half of us recently met in real life for a long weekend of words, interspersed with wine, food, chocolate and laughter. Oh, and vodka. Continue reading

In My Tribe

I’ve got a confession: I’ve gone tribal.

Nah, not that kind of tribal: I’m still living here in Central NJ sans headdress, feathers or large spear (though I did throw javelin back in high school), and the last baobab tree I saw was actually in the pages of Le Petit Prince. I simply mean that I’ve found my tribe(s). Continue reading