Serendipity: What I Found on My Bookshelf This Morning

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I love books. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on the floor of my bedroom, back propped against the bed, reading. I read it all–the Treasury of Children’s Illustrated Classics sprawled across the shelves in the family room, my mom’s old copies of the Bobbsey Twins, Judy Blume, Babar, Raggedy Ann, Highlights magazines; too many to remember or list. My favorite was Bear Circus by William Pene Dubois–most likely for the simple reason that I’ve always adored Koala bears. I was also a huge fan of horses and Secretariat.

Don’t get the wrong impression: I didn’t sequester myself in my room my entire childhood. Continue reading

A Fluid Book List: What I’m Reading & Why I Don’t Write Reviews

Book Pile2I realized quite recently that I don’t want to review books. So many people, upon hearing that I’m both an avid reader and an aspiring/ procrastinating/ self-flagellating writer, ask whether I write reviews for books on GoodReads or Amazon or any one of a handful of book sites. Continue reading