Writing and Rewriting Our Lives

TBT Israel Negev DesertI’ve been thinking a lot about my life recently. Specifically, experiences I’ve had that, while mainly forgotten, definitely went on to shape my outlook on life, as well as my thoughts and actions in any given situation. As we grow older, I think writers learn that it’s our own lives that contain the biggest treasure trove of ideas. While writing about completely different characters, we can instill some aspect of ourselves, even if it’s just one small experience from a time long, long past and only recently remembered. Continue reading

The Simple Things…

I was once a voice & wireless technology analyst. Why am I even mentioning this? I guess to make the point that I was once cool. (Once you have kids and start driving a minivan, you’re no longer cool, no matter your profession). No–now I remember! I’ve been working outside all day today and there’s nothing like manual labor to get your mental voice talking.

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