Ode to a Mattress

IMG_6251Our mattress is going to be taken away tomorrow. I should be looking at it positively–after nearly 21 years, we’re finally getting a new mattress! But the truth is, a little part of me is feeling sentimental. Because I’m the one who wants to jettison at least half of the “things” we own in this house, the fact that I’m getting even a wee bit verklempt at the thought of parting with this old mattress is laughable. Continue reading

I’m Far from an Über Jew (Part 2)

Hamsa ColoringWhat Judaism, and specifically my Judaism, means to me has been something I’ve grappled with my entire life. I think it’s harder because Judaism isn’t just a religion, it’s a culture and heritage too. You’re never just from a country as other people would define their heritage—i.e., I’m Polish. No, for us, it’s always more specific—”my grandparents were Polish Jews”—because being Polish and descending from Jews who lived in Poland are not nearly the same thing. So many Jews living in the U.S. today share this duality and I think it makes it harder to figure out for ourselves what an “observant Jew” looks or acts like. Continue reading