Friendship in the Age of Social Media

friendship-social-mediaAs anybody who uses it knows, social media, and particularly Facebook, has the power to unite, and to divide. But that’s not quite right: The truth is that social media makes it EASIER to unite or divide, but it’s not the thing with the power to do either one. We are. Continue reading

England Is Calling: Friendship Across the Pond

IMG_5693It’s no exaggeration to say that a friendship provided part of the impetus for us to finally bite the bullet and take a family trip to Scotland and England last year. Doug and I had last seen Simon and Rachael at their wedding in 1997 and every year it seemed like we both lamented and marveled that another year had passed. They had children that we never met, and we had children that they never met. And suddenly these children were no longer babies or even toddlers–they were becoming teenagers without us having met them! Continue reading